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Tank Cleaning

Description of Vessel: Aframax

Scope of Service: Demucking + Solid Sludge Reception

Contractor: Tunichi Marine.

Description of Work: Shore gang service shall be provided by contractor for the work described as follows; 1. Solid sludge (crude oil residues/sediments in solid form) remaining in cargo and slop tanks shall be collected in small nylon bags to be lifted out to vessel’s main deck through tanks’ man holes. 2. Solid sludge in small bags shall be transfered to suitable area where is vicinity of deck crane. Then small nylon bags shall be collected in leakproof big bags. 3. Since the slop barge can be alongside to vessel’s starboard side, all big bags shall be stowed at starboard side of vessel in order to be transferred to slop barge.

Estimated Commencement Date of the Job: not known

Service Location: Tuzla Anchorage Area Operation

Duration: Abt. 48 hrs iagw wp. (15-20 Men)

Demucking (1)

Collecting / Bagging / Removal of Sludge from Cargo Tanks and Slop Tanks, Collecting in Big Bags and Transferring on Owner's Arranged Slugde Barge. 

Gas Measuring Service (2)

Authorised Gas Free Chemist will be Onboard Continuously in Order to Inspect Tank Cleaning & Gas Free Conditions and Measurements During Job Progress, including submission of Final Gas Free Certificate. (per 12 hours) EUR 5.000 for 48 Hours

Solid Sludge Reception (3)

Solid Sludge Discharge


(1) Services shall be carried out by a shore team consist of approx. 16-21 men including contractor’s supervisor and chemist. Personnel insurance, food, personal and working equipments such as coveralls, plastic shovels, nylon bags, big bags etc. and road transportation (excluding the sea transport) costs are covered with this price. Services should be provided for 24 hours a day. Staff forming: 1 x Chemist 1 x Supervisor 15-20 x Men

(2) As per the regulations, gas measuring should be carried out by the chemist and gas-free certificate and cold work permit should be issued accordingly. Chemist should be onboard during the whole operation.

(3) Quoted for reception of solid sludge which to be transfered from ship to barge.

Arrangements that should be made by Contractor;

- Water driven air ventilators (2 pcs)

- Exproof portable cranes (4 pcs – air driven)

- Head lights and flashlights for shore gang Below arrangements should be made by Velssel;

- Accommodation and bathroom / toilet arrangements for shore gang

- A separate cabin for chemist.

- A separate cabin for supervisor.

- Vessel all cargo tanks shall be gas free on arrival, except port slop tank, which will be gas freed after deslopping at anchorage.

- Using of ship crane(s) and assistance of ship crew for operating the ship’s crane(s) and transfering of materials to be used for mentioned job.

- Ambient conditions inside tanks to be demucked shall be as below in order to keep working of cleaning team;

o O2: %20.9

o LEL: 0

o H2S < 10 ppm

o CO<50 ppm

o VOC<50 ppm (for crude oil cargo only)

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